post 6: Modern Furniture

  1. Louis 20 Phillippe Starck
  2. ww stool Phillippe Starck
  3. Big Easy Vol 2 Ron Arad
  4. S Chair Tom Dixon
  5. Little Beaver Frank Gehry
  6. Queen Anne Robert Venturi
  7. Bocca Studio 65
  8. Primate Achille Castiglioni
  9. Red Chair Verner Panton
  10. Ball Chair Eero Arnio
  11. Egg Chair Arne Jacobsen
  12. .Tulip Pedestal Chair Eero Saarinen
  13. Lounge Chair 670 Charles Eames
  14. Diamond Chair Harry Bertoia
  15. Effiel Chair Charles Eames
  16. Barcelona Chair Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe
  17. Zig Zag Chair Gerrit Rietveld
  18. Red Blue Gerrit Rietveld
  19. Wassily Chair Marcel Breuer
  20. Easy Chair Hans J Wegner
  21. Joe Sofa Scolari D’urbino, Lomazzi And De Pas
  22. Blow Chair Scolari D’urbino, Lomazzi And De Pas
  23. Ettore Sottsass
  24. marc newson lockheed lounge
  25. Etruscan Chair Danny Lane
  26. LC4 Le Corbusier
  27. Isamu Noguchi
  28. Ross Lovegrove’s new Supernatural chair
  29. .The Table Eileen Gray
  30. The Marshmallow Sofa George Nelson
  31. Armchair Alva Aalto
  32. Up 5 & Up 6 Gaetano Pesce
  33. Barrel chair Frank Lloyd wright
  34. Ant chair Arne Jacobsen
  35. Wiggle chair Frank Ghery
  36. Grant Featherson
    Select one of the chairs above and make a post of 300 words 6 images and 6 links. You can refer to other examples of the chosen designers

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4 thoughts on “post 6: Modern Furniture

  1. I would like to study the Up 5 & Up 6 by Gaetano Pesce please and The Marshmallow Sofa by George Nelson if the first is not available.


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