Fashion Illustration

Edland Man-fashionillustration-Mishmashmag 9

Fashion illustration is an vital part of the fashion design  as it creates a visual understanding, a point of reference (for the colour, shape and print) and can allow company or designer to work on and improve any flaws that can be seen.

Hiroshi Tanabe

 Hiroshi portrays the fashion through bold lines and colour in their illustrations (as seen in the first image).  capturing the and taking advantage of the technique of layers to their advantage, enabling the concept to be more powerful and allowing it the come across better.

Edland Man

Living in the Netherlands Edland does fashion illustrations that include the inky traditional sense and the use of  materials ripped and layered like illustrations that deliver the sense of colour, pattern and shape. Their style has varied from time to time but the use of accentuating the models to show off and definite the fashion pieces is consistent.


Tobie Giddio

They capture the emotion, atmosphere and wear of the dresses through the use of powerful shape and movement, as well as the use of colour (whether subtle or bold). The use of layering  binds the shape and colour together to make a successful illustration of the clothing. The simplistic model allows the fashion to be dominant and to speak for itself.


Jacqueline Bissett

The motion and movement of the figures in her fashion illustrations create a sense place and atmosphere for the clothing. the figures being very minimalist provide a backup for the fashion exuding bold colour and patterns.


Sandra Suy

 Sandra incorporates the traditional illustration and the digital all into one to create realistic, sketchy, highly detailed faces with bold and digital printed fashion items. this style is successful in the way in which it expresses the emotion and features of the model, yet allows the fashion to stand out and be seen for itself.




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