Wall Paper and Textile Design

Flavor Paper

‘Scratch and Sniff” Flavor paper wall paper was designed by Michael Angelo, a new york designer, photographer and owner of a hair dressing salon, ‘wonderland beauty parlour’. Angelo is know for his talent, out-there personality and his fantasy-like salon.


Michael Angelo teamed up with the new orleans wall paper producer, flavour paper, to design the ‘fruit cocktail collect’, made from hand screen inks that release a scent when scratched. ‘B-A-N-A-N-A-S!’ smells like lolly bananas, ‘cherry forever’ like cherries, and ‘tutti frutti’ like tutti frutti. The design of the pattern references the characteristics of pop-art

The ‘Fruit Cocktail Collection’ is the worlds first scratch and sniff wall paper, and is included in a permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution’s Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. It also benefitted the human rights campaign.

The wall papers can be printed with different coloured backgrounds,  such as clear, metallic cyan or white.

The symbols of Bananas and Cherries often appear in Michael Angelo’s art works, especially his portraits, referencing sexuality, desire and lust.

Leena Renko


Leena Renko is a designer based in finland, who creates quirky fabrics for children. She sources her inspiration from Flea markets, her children and ‘all things beautiful’.

She draws all the patterns by hand as she does not believe in the need for fancy softwares. She makes textile patterns as a hobby, and uses her designs in a variety of crafts.She scans and Prints her designs by her self, and markets through her blog Pikkukiiski.








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