Katsuji-Wakisaka japanese fabric designer


Katsuji Wakisaka started his career in 1968 designing textiles for a finnish textile company Marimekko. Wakisaka introduced new aesthetic designs which expanded and changed the marimekko style. He started designing for marimekko at age 24, and continued for another 8 years. His playful approach to pattern composition in his textiles brought fun to home furnishings through his cartoon like graphics, primary colours, and organic shapes which created a whimsical feel.

In 1975, katsuji designed the bo boo print, which inspired many ben linens, towels, beach towels and tableware textiles. This print was a classic upon its introduction, as it brilliantly blured the lines between the living room and nursery.

Bo Boo
Bo Boo

Katsuji Wakisaka return to japan in 1980, where he created SOUSOU, an appeal brand which was deeply inspired and based on Japanese tradition. He takes his inspiration from the landscape of his hometown, Kyoto, and paints everything from seasonal changes to traditional japanese patterns. Many of his designs for SOUSOU start out as postcards, and serve as a draft for his textile designs.








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  1. We are looking for a current E-mail or contact address for Katsuji Wakisaka. Thank you. C. Clark, The Philadelphia Museum of Art


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