Traditional Scandinavian Wearable




( The above is Norwegian women 1890)

The term used for the clothing and dress of traditional rural Norway is Bunad, that usually encompasses the dress during the 19th and 18th century. Traditional Norwegian clothing was mostly made out of wool, though the materials and fabric differ with certain parts of clothing. These materials were necessary  to ensure that the people were protected, because of the the extremely low climate in Norway.

women’s wear:

The women’s bunad dresses are known to be prominently designed with bright, bold coloured and block coloured (such as black ) fabric with embellishments displayed throughout the dress ,usually of a floral or geometric shaped design ( sometimes incorporating both). Shawls that can be seen draped over the womens head and aprons that are usually incorporated in the outfits are both made out of silk or wool.


Decorative features such as embroidery could be seen on the bodice, skirt and sometimes cuff of the dress sleeves. The embroidery colours that where most prominent where worm colour such as reds and yellows, although blues and green could be found lingering throughout the floral patterned designs.

Mens wear:

The fabric in which the Mens Bunad clothing is usually made of is wool , although the trousers are made out of wool that has been pressed into shape rather then woven. This style treating wool is called ‘Hodden’. The male shirts are made out of linen or cotton.


Accessories are used both on the male and female bunad clothing. Like the female dresses that mens attire also in incorporates the use of embroidered design throughout the outfit, as well as the use of hand crafted ornaments that either silver or gold.


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Norwegian bunad can be seem today as the traditions and ceremonies of Norway continue,allowing for  the beautifully and intricately crafted traditional dress will live on with it.



Bunad: The traditional dress of Norway


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