Sustainability- Wearable




European clothing and wearable company established in 1993, striving to make sustainable materials.

One of the projects of Freitag was to make a clothing material for their workers. The Freitag Brothers (Markus and Daniel Freitag) started to design a material that would be both tough and a tear resistant ,but that was also bio degradable. To insure that it would be ,the brothers had to make sure that it contained as little chemicals as possible, allowing the clothing material to be sustainable. To do this they sourced fibers for the material (to make materials such as  hemp, linen and modal) that was grown in Europe naturally and made sure that the dyes they would use on the material was not full of chemicals. They called this new fabric ‘F-abric’.

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(The images above show the production process, the brothers testing the material and close-up of the material.)

The clothing is not only grown locally (Europe) but is also made and produced locally.Because of “F-abric’s” lack of toxic chemicals and the natural nature , after the customers are done with the product it can be and it encouraged to be thrown into compose, part from the F-buttons (as seen below) that can be screwed off before and re-used.




The ‘FREITAG’ company continue to strive produce wearable, natural, biodegradable products for a more sustainable future. Some of the other products include; compostable denim made from the material F-abric, bags that have been made from recycled objects,






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