Think about  the purpose of lighting

  • To extend the useful hours in the day
  • To assist the performance of a visual task
  • To display or reveal something
  • To control how something appears
  • To attract attention and create ambianceAll of these elements are present in a good lighting design, but the relative importance of each will vary according to the nature and purpose of the space being illuminated. The selection of the lighting equipment is not the lighting design; it is simply the selection of the tools to achieve the design. Too often, selection of the luminaires is the first stage of the process and the lighting design is never done.

You should have a mix of light sources at different levels to create a flattering ambience, and you need appropriate task lighting for whatever you do in that space (reading, sautéing, getting dressed.


modern-living-room-with-white-furniture-and-chromium-arch-lamp-living-room-lamps-living-room-create-a-magical-ambiance-in-living-room-with-the-right-lamps-1022x851Living Room

Light three of the four corners, focusing one of those lights on an object (art, a plant, a striking chair). Use a combination of table lamps and floor lamps, some with a downward glow and some that shine upward.

dining-room-modern-dining-room-decoration-with-rectangular-black-dining-table-complete-with-light-brown-wooden-armchairs-and-modern-white-ceiling-light-combine-with-brown-laminate-floor-modern-lightDining Room

To draw people in, make the table the brightest spot in the room. Use a chandelier or a pendant above the table, limiting the total wattage to 100. Elsewhere in the room, indirect lighting is best—it’s relaxing and flattering.



Focus on overhead lighting (on a dimmer that you can crank up when cooking), and add lower sources to illuminate work surfaces. Use pendants, under-cabinet lights, or a sturdy table lamp ,away from the sink or stove.


Aim for a cozy, insular atmosphere: Place reading lamps by the bed—but not pointed directly at it. If you have recessed or track fixtures, angle them away from the bed, toward the dressing area.


The best choice for applying makeup is sidelights . An overhead light helps fill in any shadows on your face and also fully illuminates the room.



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