post 11 : FLOORING


Timber flooring comes in a huge range of species, each with its own unique blend of colour and character.

When deciding on a timber floor, consider the available colours, grades, board widths and the finish to be applied.Another good alternative to solid timber floors is Bamboo flooring which also tends to be cheaper yet still give the warmth to a room that timber does.



Solid Timber Floors

What is it?

Exactly what it sounds like – solid timber planks. This also includes parquetry flooring which is a mosaic style design of smaller pieces of solid timber.

How much does it cost per square metre?

It really varies when it comes to solid timber but costs start at $170 per square metre depending on hardness and go up to $300 laid.


laying a timber floor over a concrete slab


  • Natural and renewable material source
  • Extremely durable if sealed properly
  • Easy to clean and care for
  • Sound proof


  • High foot traffic areas need regular sanding and stripping for both appearances and moisture maintenance
  • Not recommended for kitchens, bathrooms or humid climates
  • Maintenance can be expensive

Bamboo Flooring





What is it?

A more cost effective alternative to solid timber, bamboo is layered flooring material that is cross-grained to counter act its natural tendencies to expand and contract with temperature changes. Ideal as an alternative to solid wood in areas that are moist and humid.

How much does it cost per square metre?

About $45 for supply only and $80 to have it laid.



  • Won’t scuff or scratch like other flooring materials
  • A cost effective alternative to solid timber
  • Can be used in damp climates where solid timber is not recommended
  • Bamboo is a fast growing and renewable material source


  • It’s thinner than solid wood and as such doesn’t have the thermal benefits of timber

Use it if…

You’re looking for a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to wood. It’s also great for bathrooms and damp climates where solid timber wouldn’t cope.



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