Blog 12 – Amelie Flechais


Amélie Fléchais 

French illustrator of children’s books and comic books, as well as a visual development artist for animation.



Having a background in being a visual development artist for Dreamworks animation , Amélie  went on in 2012 to do visual development and Background painting, as well as concept art for the feature film “Song of the Sea”.




 “Song of the sea” a 2014 feature film from Cartoon Saloon features 2 dimensional art animation through out the film ( as seen in the trailer above) is also seen through out Amélie work in the same style of the lighting and the inky drawn illustration, in her previous freelance work.

Amélie Fléchais’s illustrations and work can be viewed both on her tumblr account and on her blog ( linked in the references) , these are examples of just some of her other work, including her comic book.

Recently she has been working on the concept art and background painting for the opening sequence of “Eddie and the realms of eternal” a new tv show  in which she once more worked with Cartoon Saloon. Her work and style can be seen within the book in the opening of the show, in the paper cut style of animation.

(Her concept art, as well as finished illustrations can be seen below.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Her work gives off a very inky traditional feel that enhances the story telling of the animation and graphic illustrations. Without the vital element of concept and story boarding the characters and the stories would not be able to work seamlessly. 




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