Fashion Illustrators

Fashion Illustration is a constantly evolving phenomenon. Styles, mediums and fabric is constantly changing-as is the industry that these illustrations are being created for.

Where fashion illustration was once stiff and life like in nature artists now experiment bravely with their own individual styles to create striking images as dazzling as the clothes or product the image is trying to sell.

One such fashion illustrator is Anja Kroencke.
Kroencke’s style is graphic and animated in nature-with beautiful round faced women with textured subdued or bright backgrounds which immediately draw the eye. Her unique style would be well featured in any magazine or poster.

Another fantastic artist contributing to the fashion illustration scene today is Stina Persson.
Persson works with bold water colours, ink and cut paper to create dynamic, gorgeous, images. They also do a lot of amazing written work.

Sarah Hankinson is another fashion illustrator who produces fascinating, beautiful works.
She creates beautiful washed out works of models, flowers, bottles, accessories and written graphics. Her use of fresh, crisp, colour is a breath of fresh air.

Tanya Ling is another fabulous artist who has worked for big names such as Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and others.
She does fantastical, whimsical drawings of models and strange but gorgeous images of plants as well as experimenting with oils and texture to create multimedia pictures that are quite unique.

The last artist I would like to feature is Hilary Knight.
Hilary Knight is a very versatile artist who has worked on their own illustrated books and has a lively, fun, energetic style. Their figures are well composed and and highly animated. Some of their work is also very glamorous and follows the exploits of actors and actresses, giving them a place on this list.

All of these artists are currently working in the business and inspiring up and coming illustrators with their vision and styles.

More of these artists works can be found at the links below.




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