Character Designers

Character Design is essential to an effective story and well built world. Studios across the globe in advertising, game creation and animated features work on character design every day to create characters which fit their vision correctly.

There are some amazing character artists out in the world creating characters every day.

One such artist is David Vandervoort. One of his latest projects was with Disney on a show called Motorcity. He was responsible for a lot of the main characters and added a punk, edgy, distinct style to the show that is not easily replicated.
Exaggerated long limbs, bright and subdued colours and grunge line work helped to really give the characters a distinct style and made his characters very easily recognizable-though he did work very closely with another Robert Valley to achieve this look he still added a lot of his own creative style to the work.

Another character creator who does wonderful work is Glen Keane who has done a lot of work for Disney and worked on such films as the Little Mermaid, Tarzan, Aladdin and other famous childrens movies.
Glen Keane has an amazing, beautiful and rounded style. He is heralded by a lot of artists as a master of the craft and his style has been an inspiration to a lot of young character designers for many years.

Another well respected artist is Rebecca Sugar who is the creator of Steven Universe, a well known children’s cartoon as well as having a hand in shows like Adventure Time. Sugar works as a storyboard artist and writer and her designs are very feminine and beautiful. She has a very unique round style which is very feminine and easy to identify.

Nicolas Marlet is another talented character designer. He has a very striking style and has worked on such films as Kung Fu Panda, How to train your dragon and over the hedge.
He works a lot in tradtional media, using pencils and ink. He has an almost oriental style to his drawings that add a lot of personal flare and give the characters he’s worked on their own edge.

Arthur Fong is a concept and character who has worked on a bunch of amazing animated films including Kung Fu Panda, the Croods and Rise of the Guardians.
They have an amazing grip on colour and form and their art work is very vibrant and beautiful.

Character Designers continue to push the envelope with amazing work every day. Diverse stories require diverse characters and this evolution to even more amazing from these and other artists in the future.

These artists work can be found at the following:


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