Modern Indonesia

As a country with so many influences from all around the world Modern Indonesian inspired designs still manage to have an easily recognizable and distinct style.

Modern Indonesian fashion designers pay tribute to the classic fashion pieces such as the Kebaya. A timeless piece which is recreated for runway shows in traditional batik patterns printed on multiple kinds of fabrics. Hand sewing and beading continues to dazzle admirers the world over as Indonesian designers bring their unique taste to the runways of the world.

Contemporary Indonesian born Fashion designers are also breaking out onto the world stage in a big way. One such designer is Selphie Bong.

A young design prodigy, Bandar Lampung-born Selphie Bong started with a fashion week show right after her graduation from the Raffles Design Institute in Singapore. Bong then expanded her expertise through physical stores, the first one being in Jakarta with consecutive ones in Bali.

Touted the ‘Indonesian Christian Dior’, Selphie was the only Indonesian fashion designer out of 15 who were picked to design haute couture looks for the United Nations Year of Biodiversity 2010 event in Geneva among other international icons such as Diane von Furstenberg and Reem Alasadi, while she represented Indonesia in Eco Chic Green to Greener programmes in Hong Kong, Milan, Paris, Singapore and Shanghai. (1*)

Different kinds of artists also pay homage to the traditional sculptors of the past with fantastic graphics imitating sculptures of mythological deities, traditional characters, stories and animals.

One such artist is Intan Cheria who creates Graphic Illustrations directly inspired by Indonesia using Batik Patterns and beautiful simplified figures to create individual, bright, images referenced directly from the original sculptures. (2*)


Another Indonesian artist who creates amazing work is Ichwan Noor who has won multiple awards and participated in many exhibitions for his unique and abstract sculptures. (3*)

Indonesian Film is also changing the way Indonesia is represented. ACMI in Australia holds a yearly Indonesian Film Festival where film makers show case art house films created by Indonesian artists. Last year in 2015 winning film makers explored plots such as the fall of Indonesian politicians and it’s effect on it’s people. Traditional vs contemporary views on marriage and traditional gender roles.(4*)

Indonesian Architects are also creating amazing things such as Andyrahman.
Best known as a pioneering architectural firm for residential housing, Andyrahman has made a name for itself through its unusual, yet exciting, contemporary designs that question the very premises of design, traditional architecture and, to some extent, even basic philosophy. With popular projects such as ‘Unity in Duality’, ‘The Rhythmic Lines’, ‘Contrast of Cubes’, Andyrahman cleverly uses contrasts and the element of surprise to produce innovative designs that are a constant surprise both to the viewer and to the client. (5*)(6*)

With such a wealth of culture it is no surprise that Indonesian artists continue to create and design amazing things. Contemporary Indonesia is rapidly entering into the modern age with all the style and grace of its diverse and interesting history.

Indonesian design will continue to take great leaps forward in the future and inspire artists and creators the world over for years to come.



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