Modern Contemporary Wallpaper

Wall paper, considered an unfashionable topic to some-is rapidly moving into the present in a big way! Innovative designers are finding different ways to out the stuffy, old, traditional style of wall papering in favor of brilliant, giant, photographic murals, soaring images of woods, forests and just about anything you can think of and innovative uses of small pieces of wall paper behind glass to create features in places where wall paper is not traditionally featured.

One such way that designers are using wall paper in their homes to create iconic looks is by using small segments of wall papers and placing them behind splash back glass. This is used often in kitchens to create features without having to limit yourself to tiles. This is being effectively done with all kinds of wall papers including floral patterns, gradient colours and about anything you can get your hands on.

Another clever way designers are using wall paper to make lasting impressions is by using large images. Recent photo technology has made it possible to take such high definition photos that designers can now incorporate giant images of almost anything. Super effective images of snowy landscapes, dark forests and endless skies help add depth to small rooms and take the viewer to a different place-inspiring the inhabitant of the room or home to imagine these places while conducting their daily lives. This also helps to tie in natural design features such as natural wood, flowers, neutral colours and the like.

Murals in the form of towering, beautiful contemporary images are also revolutionising wall paper. Tradtional painted murals have had a come back in the form of hyper realistic graphic images being printed onto wall paper (or added as a sticker) and mounted in a massive scale into modern day homes. These effective graphics pay respects to the classic theatre, greek or school mural.  Presenting the viewer with a private look into the mind of the designer and creating a lasting impact with fashionable modern design.

Another trend taking off with modern wall papering is the use of faux natural textures to bring nature indoors. Faux paper, wood and other natural materials are being recreated in wall paper and lending the outdoor feel to homes that may be surrounded by concrete or far from any kind of natural warmth or design element. This kind of imitation of nature helps to reconnect people with the places that are far away and also give people with a smaller budget access to expensive or non renewable building materials without having to use the actual materials imitated in the wall paper.

Modern wall paper is no longer being restricted to walls either! Contemporary designers are extending graphic designs from floor to ceiling to add real punch and flavour to a room! Tessellating graphics and patterns are used to extend wall paper around an entire room forcing you to view the room as an entire art work instead of just four walls with a roof.

With leaps and bounding happening in technology and the way that wall paper can be used in a space every day the years when wall paper was boring and old fashioned are quickly disappearing and the designers of today are passionately utilising the technique to create interesting and beautiful spaces!




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