Spanish Textiles


The Textiles of Spain have a long history. The making of fibers, cloth and other textile goods has existed in the country since at least 1400 BCE. The Spanish used fibers such as silk and wool as well as the European foot treadle loom. Clothing styles also changed radically. Today, fabric, clothes and other textiles are both made by craftsmen and in factories. Handcrafted goods are often embroidered. Clothing, rugs and more are made with natural and naturally dyed fibers


14thc-woven textile 1

The border area of Islam which was to include all of the major islands in the Mediterranean from Crete to Mallorca, and of course modern Spain and Portugal, was a hot bed of innovation and creative thinking through a whole range of crafts from ceramics through to textiles. It is the trade and inspiration from the Islamic culture that inspired the textile designs of Spain


Since the early nineteenth century, the Spanish textile industry has been concentrated in Catalonia. Though an established industry, it lacked the dynamism of many of the newer industries and had the least impressive growth rate among Spain’s manufacturing industries. It was an industry that suffered from excessive fragmentation, and, although its operations were export-based, it depended on a protected domestic market. Spain’s entry into the EC removed tariff barriers to textile imports, and the industry generally found itself in difficulty. Foreign investors showed little interest in the Spanish textile industry, and in the late 1980s it was being subjected to extensive industrial modernization for greater efficiency.

Today, Spanish Interior Design and textiles are in its element with handcrafted high end rugs and soft furnishing as seen in the work of GANDIA BLASCO





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