Hawaiian Bedroom Lighting



17.11.1904 – 30.12.1988


“Everything is sculpture. Any material, any idea without hindrance born into space, I consider sculpture.”
Isamu Noguchi


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The two Akari lamps above are for sale at The Noguchi Museum in Long Island City, NY and the original Noguchi lamps have been in continuous production for over fifty years.

Isamu Noguchi, a very influential and well known intentionally American and Japanese sculptor and designer, spent over sixty years creating abstract works – largely in stone – based on both organic and geometric forms. Mostly inspired by traditional Japanese art, as well as by the biomorphic style of some Surrealist art, Noguchi became internationally known both for his artwork and his publicly accessible furniture and architecture. His ultimate objective, to create and enhance public spaces through sculpture, provided his career with a distinct direction and established him as a critical figure in the worlds of post-war art, architecture and design.

Although Noguchi’s bedside lamp strictly is not used in Hawaiian culture variations of the lamp are used. An example of this is below and are found on the webetiki.com website retailing for $49.95 American.



Hawaiian house lighting as a whole is very warm toned lighting. The picture below is an example of this from a holiday rental.



Hawaiian bedrooms look great with tropical furnishings such as beautiful carved woods, or go with a simple dark colored bed and add some tropical linens or bright Hawaiian floral bedspreads. Add some tropical plants and you bedroom will be transformed into an island retreat. Hawaiian houses in general are alot darker than you would imagine for island housing. Not much white or pastel blues and greens mostly dark wood and dim lighting all throughout the house. As seen in the below picture.




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