Spanish Lighting

In Spain, it’s impossible to understand art, painting, festivals or crafts without light. It’s everywhere.


Spanish lighting collects these two drives and creates its own style, an identity as plural as it is distinguishable. The craftsmanship of light has its roots in 1772, when on impulse of King Charles III, The Royal Factory of San Juan Alcaraz was established in the town of Riopar of the Manchego region near some mines where materials to make brass were obtained.

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The “alma mater” of Spanish lighting began as a craft that transformed materials such as bronze, crystal, alabaster or wood into decorative objects of great value. The classical Spanish style has known how to enrich its long tradition with technical innovations and adapt to new trends. Nowadays, it offers a modern product, that conserves all the handcrafted beauty and traditional design, but with greater quality and more efficiency

Alabaster deserves its own chapter as an important mineral in Spain that, due to its translucent and fibrous character, allows surprising effects in lighting. Much used in classical lighting as well as art-deco or even contemporary lighting, alabaster gives a special touch to chandeliers, sconces, candelabras, ceiling lamps, hanging lamps… etc.

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To create is to innovate. Spanish creators of lighting have not only, kept up with international trends, but have frequently been able to set the guidelines. Nowadays, the sector has companies that concentrate solely on design and have known how to position their models within the latest trends market, innovating with new and original shapes, and with color as well as materials.

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