Hard flooring for a dining area

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Tiber flooring

Timber flooring that is used in dining areas is soft under foot as well as very easy to clean after each meal. Timber brings a unique look like no other hard flooring product as it is a natural material grown from the outdoors  over time. Each timber plank has its own individual pattern that is formed by the natural knots and grains, creating a masterpiece when planks are joined in a larger space.





Marquetry flooring

Marquetry flooring put simply is a wood made into a pattern using the different grains and colours of timber. Marquetry  includes curved forms, most of the time in quite intricate designs. The range of designs are endless, meticulously and skillfully crafted to produce a stunning floor which reflects your unique style and personality.




Parquetry Flooring

Parquetry flooring is timber pieces all cut in straight lines and geometric shapes, this is how it is different from marquetry flooring. It’s possible to use a mix of timber pieces, or just one piece, to get your desired result.

Popular for centuries and used in some of the world’s grandest buildings, parquetry also provides the perfect solution to heavy traffic areas of the home. Any damage can be easily fixed by replacing just the affected blocks. After years of wear the entire floor can be restored by sanding and resealing.




Stone Flooring

Stone flooring like timber is very practical for in the dining area of your home however unless there is under flooring heating it a cold option so use of a floor rug can solve that problem. The tactile qualities of natural stone is a stunning back drop to any commercial project. The tiles are far lighter and quicker to lay than the natural stone they replicate.



Polished Concrete

Polished concrete floors for under a dining room table is a very wise choice. Concrete is a composition of stone and cement paste that has been polished by hand for centuries. In Australia this is by far the favourite choice in newly built houses.




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