Post 12 – Lighting

Lighting Choices

Synonymous with the Palace of Versailles, nothing evokes a feeling of French luxury more than the classic French Crystal Chandelier.

The chandelier has been modified over time,  reinvented and recreated in a large variety materials, yet retains that sense of  ornate opulence.

Antique Chandeliers

Best obtained through reliable sources such as auction houses such as Southerbey’s or On-Line Galleries nothing beats the charm of the period chandelier.  Often made of Gilt Bronze with faceted crystal drop crystals, antique chandeliers may be made of painted metal, porcelain or glass. While chandeliers are traditionally used in grand dinning rooms, restaurants and living rooms, they can be used in bathrooms, bedrooms or outdoors to give a touch of  unexpected extravagance.

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Modern Interpretations of the Chandelier

The Ola by Massario combines a sleek gilt surface with crystals dropping from the center retaining the opulent appeal of traditional chandelier with a sleek modern style that could be used in any area.

The Marcheti Diamante pendant light provides another modern interpretation of the traditional chandelier – the sparkling crystals form an intertwining ring in a modern shape that retains the opulent, extravagant feel of the the traditional chandelier.

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Lighting Choices for a Frivolous Dining Space

Fandango – a frivolous, theatrical light fitting, the Fandango dances in mid-air, designed to simulate the drama to a girl waving her dress. Several layers of petals made from muslin cotton cloth can be shaped and adjusted to desired wave. The piped-edge yet flowing feel gives a luxurious touch.

The White Feather Pendant “Plumage” from The French Bedroom Company – This modern pendant with gold metallic structure is softened with magnificent white feathers to form a soft feminine light fitting suitable for the frivolous dining room!

The Bourgie table lamp – a modern interpretation of the table lamp – perfect in pink for the Frivolous Dining Room.

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Lobmeyr/Zahn, Maria Theresien Stil


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