Post 11- Flooring

The floor you choose becomes an important part of the design of any room.  Flooring can help to create the mood of a room,  represent exotic locations or fade into the background. Consideration in the selection of an appropriate flooring should include:
  • durability
  • cleaning
  • acoustics
  • comfort
  • warmth
  • colour
  • pattern
  • texture
  • sustainability
  • Budget!

Natural products for flooring :

French Parquetry


The word comes from  Old French parchet  literally meaning “a small enclosed space“. Parquetry resembles a wooden jigsaw of geometric shapes , often squares,  triangles and diamond shapes, that is used for a decorative effect on flooring.  Parquetry is is commonly seen in older french buildings and apartments throughout Paris, the most popular pattern was Herringbone however other more complex patterns include  basket weave,   brickwork patterns and trellis work .  Famously used in the Palace of Versailles – parquetry was introduced in 1684 to replace the marble flooring that required constant washing, which tended to rot the joists beneath the floors.

Parquetry is crafted from a variety of timbers that have contrasting grain, and colour to highlight the pattern. Common wood used include oak, walnut cherry and maple.




The word originates form the French word meaning “inlaid work”. Marquetry is the artistic technique of applying pieces of a decorative material to a structure such as a floor, wall panel,  screen or furniture to form decorative patterns, designs or pictures. Like Parquetry, marquetry uses a variety of woods for their grain and colour but may also include other substances such as  bone, ivory, tortoise shell mother of pearl, metals or ebony. Marquetry floors can be found in historic buildings, and rarely in large scale in modern buildings because of the cost involved, but inlays and tiles remain popular for the ornate decorative look.

Marble & Stone Floors

Used since the beginning of time, natural stone and marble has been carved form the earth by skilled craftsmen and used for everything from architectural columns and buildings, statues and of course flooring.  The ultimate in hard wearing durability, marble can be highly polished or honed to matte finishes.  Marble is the ultimate in luxury. Marble floor tiles  can be laid  in their natural form, in highly decorative patterns or as fine mosaics. Marble, limestone and granite have unique natural grains and  colours and  can be laid as mosaics or  into decorative patterns or used externally in hard landscaping, and swimming pools.

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