POST 11: Flooring OR Fashion Illustration

POST 11A:Flooring

Students attempting spatial options only
Make a post of 250 words on hard flooring for a dining applications.Materials used are Timber, marquetry, parquetry, Stone, rubber, polished concrete, terrazzo, water jet cut stone, vinyl, etc. You may also want to complement the hard flooring with rug and mats. Please explore options for your for your sleeping and dining space.


POST 11B: Fashion Illustration
Students attempting wearable option only
Select 5 designers from the list below then discuss their contribution to modern fashion illustration. Use their influence to help you with your mood board for the modern take on a national dress and your look book for costume design of an emotion. As usual post 300 wds, 5 selected images of their work and 5 hyperlinks.

Francois Berthoud
Hiroshi Tanabe
Jason Brooks
Kareem Iliya
Anja Kroencke
Jordi Labanda
Lorenzo Mattoti
Edland Man
Henri Matchavariani
Bob Mackie
RubenToledo Ruggeri
Maddalena Sisto
Tobie Giddio
Liselotte Watkins
Rene Gruau
Stina Persson
Jerry Seguin
Jacqueline Bissett
Sarah Hankinson
Akari Inoguchi
Gary Fernandez
Peter Winnett
Tanya Ling
hilary knight
Anna Wintour.
Sandra Suy
Raphaël Vicenzi
Petra Dufkova
Noumeda Carbone
Naja Conrad
Nadia Flower
Marguerite Sauvage
Manuel Rebollo
Linn Olofsdotter
Laura Laine
Lanitta Makarova
Autumn Whitehurst
James Dignan


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