post 8 : modern african design

modern african designBeautifully-arranged-African-baskets-in-the-dining-room.jpg

While previously only reserved for hotels, high-end interiors and upscale game lodges around the world, the trend for African design influences can now be found in homes around the world, as interior designers add exotic touches for a sophisticated look that lends itself to modern and contemporary interiors


What sets modern African decor apart from the more traditional way of decorating in this style, is the mix of modern and organic materials in a more minimalistic way. Interiors are clean and bright and the focus is on one or two decor items that add vivid pattern, colour or texture to a room.mudcloth3.jpg

Mud cloth , is rich in color and culture and is super popular in decorating right now. Frequently the cotton used for mudcloth is locally grown and of an un-dyed, beige color. The knit is looser and more dense than commercial fabric.       mudcloth_grande.png


The simplest version of the African interior can be done with minimal cost to your budget, all you need to do is set the wall wallpaper African native, rural or animal themes. Another option for editing home in African style is to enter rough and simply wicker furniture with low quality of the surface finish.


Nothing else makes this interior special and unique such as masks from clay and wood made by local craftsmen, which are so simple made and possess great aesthetic properties. Similar pleasing effect is achieved by using natural leather from zebra in the interior and wallpapers with landscapes of sunsets and sunrises in Africa.
The use of exotic masks and sculptures throughout the home adds character to the space. The different colors and textures of each mask promotes Art appreciation and a sense of openness to other cultures. Do not hesitate to display your African Art, masks ,stone carvings and figurines as each one of them have powerful meanings in themselves and are great accessories to your home decor.


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