Modern oceanic – Fiji



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On these Oceanic Islands the lifestyles are extremely different, from the 5 star accommodation with electricity and running hot water all the way down to dirt floor banana leaf walled shanties . So in this blog we will concentrate on modern Fijian hotel accommodation for a couple. There are 320 small islands that make up the country Fiji as in the picture below. Fiji has a population of approximately 870,000, 51% of them indigenous Fijians with their Polynesian admixture and 44% of Indian descent. The remaining percentage is a comprised of Europeans, other Pacific islanders, Chinese and others.



The Fijians are very easy-going, but if you are invited into a village, wear modest clothing (women have to cover their elbows and ankles e.g. wear long skirts and long sleeved shirts) and take off your hat (wearing one is an insult to the chief) when in the village. Leave your shoes outside the door when entering a home is a must and keep in mind that it’s also insulting to touch someone’s head – which can be tempting when you are surrounded by wide-eyed, smiling children.

When you step into a traditionally decked out modern couples boutique hotel room in Fiji it will be very warm in colouring. Dim bedside lamps, most of the furniture is made of bamboo or local wood and lots of woven trimmings and floor mats made from banana leaves.

Most accommodations should have a mosquito net which looks very romantic but is also a necessity because quite literally you need one. Being a tropical island there are thousands of them!

The bedding is very light because of the humidity you will not need them to keep warm infact you will be using the ceiling fan most of the night.

Most of the accessories have pictures on them of palm trees or pineapples and the ocean features a lot too.



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