Post 9 – French Inspired Modern Design

The Iconic design styles of the French Kings Louis the XIV,  XV & XVI have become synonymous with France and French design.  The shapes and style remain popular with modern designers today who continue to reinterpret  the shapes of the 17th and 18th Century French design  with new philosophies and new materials.   These modern re-interpretations are immediately identifiable as classic french design , and bring with them the same sense of grandeur,  luxury and style.


Inspired by the magnificent gold and crystal chandeliers of the hall of mirrors at the Palace of Versailles the chandelier has been the focus of modern re-interpretation more than any other lighting style.


  1. Modern Gold Chandelier

The Josephine Queen chandelier 9.6.3 was designed by Aime Hayon. This exclusive fixture consists of a polished porcelain base and is equipped with lamp shades  in gold electroplate and fabric.

2. Table Lamp

Channeling baroque influences through modern construction, the Bourgie mixes classical and contemporary style to create a striking design. The brainchild of influential Italian designer Ferruccio Laviani, this iconic table lamp was first introduced in 2004 and has since become one of Kartell’s best-sellers, assuming the mantle of a post-modern design classic.



Phillipe Starck Furniture, Lighting and Interiors

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The son of an aeronautical engineer,  Starck studied structure and explored immateriality  interest in where and how people live.  His concept of democratic design led him to focus on mass-produced consumer goods rather than one-off pieces, seeking ways to reduce cost and improve quality in mass-market goods.

Inspired by historic French Louis the XVI chair,  Stark created his iconic Ghost chair for the masses, molded plastic the ghost chair can be mass produced, in inexpensive materials.

Starck’s interiors are renowned for their modern approach , use of modern reinterpretations of classic french furniture  and classic french chandeliers in irreverent colours.  His designs can been seen in hotel lobbies, day spa’s and restaurants around the world.






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