Food = Waste

The concept of food = waste is not the idea that chemical waste be made fit for human consumption as it seems to be. The idea of Food = Waste actually refers to the process of creating something out of materials that can be food for something else without poisoning it.

The idea of Food = Waste was actually coined by Environmental scientists and was created to be applied to the creation of goods, services, agriculture and architecture.

Creating reusable products is the dream of many environmental scientists but it can also be affordable as the people at the Rouge Ford Factory in Detroit found out after employing the services of William McDonnor to work on a 2 billion dollar project to help with pollution issues at the plant.

The Rouge Facility was using millions of litres of water which were then being spilled back into a close by river, poisoning it.

This issue was solved by planting fields of flowers and other plants to filter the water naturally before it returned to the river.

Fields of plants were also planted on the Ford Factories roofs to filter storm water and stop solar degradation. It also acted as an environment for local birds to graze.

Some people saw what the Ford Factory was doing and thought of it as a pet project to appease environmentalists and that it actually cost the plant more to have these environmental options than was economically sustainable.

How the Owner of the plant Timothy Ford dismissed these claims and said that though the cost of implementing these changes may have been expensive in the long run they have actually saved money by doing so.

He cites that the stretches of plants on the roof not only help the environment but also slows down solar degradation which means that they don’t have to replace the roofs as often (which can cost millions of dollars).

Another company taking steps to improve their impact on the environment is Nike. Nike is looking to create shoes which can be broken back down into their raw components. They aim to have completely recyclable shoes and are currently attempting to cut down on their adhesives and recycle their rubber soles.

Factories across the world are also taking steps to increase the sustainability of their factories. By creating factories with good natural air flow and lots of natural light they are not only increasing predictability but also the mental and emotional welfare of their workers.

The facts are clear. A world where Food = Waste is a common mantra is not only a world where we create less waste, it is a world where human beings are happier, more productive and leave a positive change in the stead of irreversible destruction.



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