Victorian 1830-1901 Furniture

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Victorian furniture is still a very sort after period of furniture today, this is because of the detailed craftsmanship that goes into each piece. It is very easy to find these pieces perticually in country Australia. There was plenty of furniture made due to the change in history of methods of manufacture when the machine was invented. It had taken over and was able to produce very large amounts of Victorian furniture to keep up with the huge demand by the middle class people that desired it in their home. Furniture history changed forever through the Victorian period. It was a must to have a home filled with furniture to show your status to your peers.

Throughout history Queen Victoria wanted to be known as a middle class Queen and maintained a lifestyle to have this reputation. Therefore the furniture of this period was made for an ever-increasing middle class population, hence the mass production of these pieces.

The main features of Victorian Furniture include:

Cumbersome furniture, dust catching carving, Buttoned upholstery – armchairs frequently with low arms scrolled at the front, Balloon back chairs and spoon back, Thonet’s steam bent chair. 5

This particular furniture style is usually handed down within families because each piece is always well made and becomes an antique piece as the years pass or purchased on the auction block. The many distinctive features and impressive quality is what sets Victorian furniture apart from regular furniture.

Victorian timeframe is during the years of 1837 and 1901 in history. Victorian furniture was being produced in England.

Victorian furniture quality is quite easily seen when you know what the characteristics are. Great hard woods such as oak, mahogany and rosewood were the foundation for these great pieces. Besides that wood, the heavy-ornate upholstery also made the Victorian style extremely popular with the working class. 6






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