The Wiggle chair Frank Gehry


Frank Gehry’s furniture is characterised by its abstract, sculptural,  and unusual materials. In his design, the wiggle chair, he succeeded in bringing a new aesthetic quality to an everyday material; cardboard. designed in 1969, a trend of using low cost and light weight materials led to Gehry’s experiments with cardboard in furniture design. His design also references the design asethetic of the 60’s.He was one of the first designers to produce cardboard furniture, and developed a material called edge-board; multiple layers of corrugated cardboard glued together in alternating directions. Edge board allowed the chair to be robust and stable, as well as be comfortable and soft to the touch.


Gehry came up with the idea for edge-board while he was struggling to find an alternative to plastic. He thought of the solution due to his childhood playing in his grandfathers hardware store building villages and houses from scrapes of materials.

Frank Gehry change to conventional ideas of furniture by creating a classic design that bridges the boundaries between art and furniture. He has recieved many honours for his unique thinking and innovation.

The range gained Gehry an international reputation as a furniture designer, but the Canadian-born architect decided that it wasn’t his calling.

“I started to feel threatened. I closed myself off for weeks at a time in a room to rethink my life. I decided that I was an architect, not a furniture designer… and I simply stopped doing it,” said Gehry in a catalogue for a retrospective exhibition at the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, in 1989. {1}



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