Eileen Gray’s Side Table

(Featured above: Portraits of Eileen Gray, one in which she is dressed in a man’s velvet jacket (1))

Eileen Gray was born in Ireland in 1878. She is revolutionary as she was one of the first women to be accepted into the Slade school of Fine Art in London.

After her study she moved to Paris in 1902 and began breaking ground with beautiful lacquered screens so beloved by Art Deco enthusiasts. She started making a name for herself and during this time she even caused a riot in 1923 by showing a stark white lacquered boudoir she had designed.

Gray was interested in multi-functional furniture as well as beauty and she had these thoughts in mind when she designed this table for her own homestead.

(Feature Above: Eileen Gray’s side table show cased in the modern home (2))

Eileen Gray’s side table was designed so that it could be used over one’s knees. It is adjustable and versatile and the beautiful chrome tubing used in it’s design is a homage to the age when it was created.

Standing on a chrome base with a pane of glass on the top to serve as the actual table it is a modern piece of design which could easily appear in a current day apartment despite being designed almost 100 years ago.

(Featured Above: The side table in a modern setting, fitting in seamlessly with current day styles(3))

It is a nod to the timeless genius of her style that the side table is still being sold today for around a thousand Australian dollars. A symbol of timeless elegance and function.

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