Modern Furniture: Red Chair Verner Panton

About Verner Panton:


Verner Panton was a very influential and innovative  designers during the 1960 and 70s. Panton was a danish designer well know for his use of bold colour in his designs and also well know for being a masterful and imaginative designer of novelty  furniture, lighting and textiles.


Panton chair:

The Panton chair was one of the most successful pieces of furniture in the 60s being well received by the public and wining numerous awards in design.


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Pantons original concept and aim for the chairs design is the it would be a chair that could be used in a various number of ways, while being comfortable and that it would be structurally unique, being made out of a single sheet of plastic that could be used anywhere. Panton struggled with trying to find a manufacturer for his chair design that would be able to flex the plastic into such innovative  design of the chair. The idea behind the use of plastic was that Panton was captivated in the ways in which plastic could bend and shape  and that the plastic material would be able to withstand various environments .

But finally his struggle ended in 1963 when he came in contact with Vitra. Panton then started collaborate and further developing the design of the chair  with Vitra.

In 1967 Verner Panton released his chair to the public with Vitra as a collaborative effort.

The iconic form and bold colour of the designer chair is like a modern piece of art, the one of the original chairs now has a place at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

being easy to relate style and function allow it to be well reserved to the public and to be know as one of the greatest chair designs in the 60’s and one of the greatest modern designs throughout history.




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