Historical Fashion: Regency era


French Regency:

Their dress in the Regency era 1799  reflected the state and times that the french were in after the french revolution. The people wanted to move forward after the resolution and wanted to show this with their clothing and move forward with fashion as well. The new fashion consisting of a under-bust waisted line, gentle, light, flowy material that didn’t consist of the many layers for the outfits of the previous centuries, and with a hem line at the bottom that rested above foot at the ankle.

The style of clothing took influence from the earlier Greek and Roman fashion, with the resembling waist line and the use of light, flowing and simplistic material.

The fabric used was so flowing and gentle that fabric would be translucent that it may be necessary to wear tights underneath. that the time the dresses looked somewhat like the past undergarments.


(Featured above is an example of a undergarment in this era)

The traditional corset where abandoned in new undergarments that would support and be more suitable for the new dress wear. instead undergarments pantaloons they were made out of light weight boning in skin coloured tones where made and worn to add the appearance that nothing was worn underneath, adding o the elegant effect. they reached sometimes in to feet or

British Regency:


1818-03 Ladies Monthly Museum

The British were highly influenced by the style of the french in this era (the early 1800’s) , following their lead into the new style, adding their own additional touches, such as Elizabethan reminiscent style puffed and slashed sleeve.

regencycoupleThe mens dress was not so dependent on the french influence in fashion, but already had its own distinctive established style to their clothes that was continued though the following years in this era.

  This era was a highly influential period for fashion , that reflected the times and allowed fashion to more forward from the many layered clothing and fashion from the year before to a more simplistic alternative.






A Primer on Regency Era Men’s Fashion


‘Costume and Fashion: a concise history’   by James Laver , 1995

‘Costume 1066-1990s’  by John Peacock, 1986


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