Post 2 : Art Nouveau- William Morris


‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.’

 -William Morris

William Morris was a major part of the Art Nouveau Movement ( A movement during the late 19th century and the early 20th century that involved both architecture and the decorative arts), being the founder of the movement in England.

William studied medieval architecture, but turned to the writing and painting arts under the influence Edward Burne- Jones and Dante Gabriele Rossetti. In 1861 after theorizing that people are more satisfied when they have a physical representation of what they have achieved in the day, he decide to create a business called ‘Morris and Company’ revolving around the decorative arts and the production of furnishings, contains and wallpaper in in there factor, prizing themselves of the quality of the hand crafted produces.

Williams love of country- garden Nature and medieval ideals are shown throughout his emotional and mythical art and typography.


Morris’s interests also extended into poetry and written work ,using his own developed style of dramatic and lavish typography in his work. The extension of his  beautiful nature orientated designs making its way into the margins of his poetry.

Morris’s typography demonstrated his talents in the illustration and the lettering that publishers and publishes started to inquire his work.

the natural element of the covered lines and feel flowing designs characteristic of the Art Nouveau is what sets William Morris’s typography apart and witch makes it so appareling.

(Examples of William Morris’s typography are shown below.)




 Wallpaper Designs:

Morris’s inspiration from nature was evident in his pint designs in both his wallpaper and material designs. Morris was not only influenced though nature for the illustration of his designs but also in the process of creating the products, as he would use vegetable dyes for printing his materials and wallpaper.

 ( one of his prints is seen in the image below)



Morris’s factory and company did not succeed in the end as the use of machines in production in other companies allowed for mass production and therefore lower prizes, resulting in Morris more expensive alternatives not being bought by the people. although William Morris’s designs are still somewhat popular and remembered in today’s world as good quality designs.



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