1960’s if you remember it you weren’t really there

The 60’s generation was one of pushing the boundries of polite society, no more were people, or especially women content to play the part pre destined for them i.e. the perfect housewife that obeyed societies niceties and more to the point their male counterpart. Life was now “outside the box”.  Free to interpret and re-interept, people had a lot to say, and they were not going to say it quietly.  Protesting was loud and grubby, graphics were bold,  women were burning their bras, furniture was pared back and modern, strongly influenced by Norwegian simplistic lines.   Life all of a sudden was free and unstructured, people power counted for everything, stopping wars, congregating at festivals and “love ins”.  Fashion reflected all these changes, paisley  was everywhere, free flowing and comfortable, and short was the new hemline for young ladies who cared to push boundaries on their own personage.  Men grew hair, way past their collar! all previous constraints were considered square and thus abandoned wildly.

Graphic art,  particularly the poster culture, was where it was at.  Strongly influenced by the art nouveau posters of the late 19th century, with the addition of a strong psychedelic flavour, indicitive of the growing drug culture the posters remain a visual feast of what life and values were in the ever shifting 60’s.  Photographer and design artist, Karl Ferris was prolific in the music industry, working with all the groundbreaking musicians of the time.  Jimi Hendrix said “You’re doing with photography what I’m doing with music – going far out beyond the limits and blowing minds”.




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