POST 3 : 1960’s

196o’s  interior

‘DECOR’ is the name given to the distinctive style of interior design during the 1960’s to the early 70’s .

Popular colours seemed to be the brighter the better , patterned with psychedelic swirls, flowers and patterns, in greens, yellows, pinks, purple and orange .The psychedelic designs came with the ‘hippy ‘ movement and flower power was at its height .

I have been through this mini hippy time myself so have decided to look at the more classic designs the have come from this period that are still strong in there design quality today .

Arne Jacobsen   ‘EGG CHAIR’

“sometimes – people buy a chair but don’t really care who designed it “

       Arne Jacobson -THE EGG CHAIR

Arne Jacobson (1902 -1971 ),designed the egg chair for the lobby and reception areas in the Royal Hotel Copenhagen .

Archie Castiglioni   ‘ARCO LAMP ‘

Archie Castiglioni , Milan (1918 – 2002 ),was an Italian designer furniture ,lighting , radiograms and other objects.

 The Arco lamp has been in production since 1962 and is now considered a design classic . Castiglioni and his brothers loved to play with designs that were both technically innovative and visually appealing .Taking inspiration from a simple street light and coming up with the Arco .

PARKER FURNITURE -an Australian success story


Jack Parkers son Tony joined the business in 1949 ,he went to study in Europe and returned home with modern mid century furniture design ,particularly from Denmark. A range of ‘Danish Parker style ‘furniture was introduced early in the 1950 ‘s ,this Danish furniture and broader Scandinavian design style grew in popularity and lasted through the 60’s. In the 1960’s American walnut was used for a more traditional furniture  although you can also notice the choice of colours used in the upholstery was still staying on trend of the 60’s colour palette with use of greens and orange .

arco lamp


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