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Herbert Bayer was born in 1900 and was recognised as the last living member of the Bauhaus until his death in 1985.  Bayers was first apprenticed to Georg Schmidthammer, an artist before he continued his journey into an artists colony where his interest in Walter Gropius style of offerings at the Bauhaus beckoned.

Bayer studied under the tutelage of Kandinsky and Klee for four years before Gropius offered him the position “director of printing and advertising” for Bauhaus, the position he filled between 1925 – 1928.  His simplistic style was stamped on all Bauhaus copy.  Bayer used simple geometric shapes and bold colour for maximum impact.

He would surely disapprove of my choice of fonts considering he spearheaded the “less is more” movement in graphics by using the type face “sans serif”, a less fussy and more graphic style in keeping with the Bauhaus ethos of pared back quality.

Between 1925 and 1930 Herbert worked on developing his proposal of a universal type face combining both upper and lower case, this Type was only taken to the design stage and never set into actual type.  Today it has been digitally set and is known as Bayer Universal, other derivatives  include ITC Bauhaus and Architype Bayer.

Bayer was a multi disciplined artist who in 1969 went on to design abstract sculptures such as Double Ascension which is located at 515 South Flower Street, Los Angeles. Text Herbert bayer universal alphabet Herbert Bayer Libro Bauhaus cover bayer Herbert bayer 7 Herbert Bayer Graphics



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