POST 3: 1960’S

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swiss design, apollo 11 first manned lunar landing, the mini skirt, the beatles, hippie culture, herb lubalin, milton glaser, saul bass, otto preminger, ken garland, john mcconnell -pentgram, rick griffen, ken kesey, pscychodelia, contraceptive pill, sexual revolution, roger excoffon, the bikini, elvis, portable tv, kodak brownie 127, david bailey, ibm typewriter 72, ibm computer system 360, barbarella, pierre cardin – moon girl, ‘oz’ magazine, martin sharp, ‘women and beauty’, ‘time’, ‘paris match’ ‘look’, peter blake , sgt peppers lonely hearts club band, tadnori yokoo, kobe workers music council poster, dick elffers, the paper dress show hirokatsu hijikata, ,Andy Warhol, Kappa book covers, Hisami Kunitake ‘wozzeck’, jan lenica, wes wilson, john riebens, ‘neue grafik’, josef muller-brockmann, ‘foultitude’ pop art, robert rauschenberg, litchenstein, folon, tibor reich textiles, astrid sampe textiles, grillo phone, 1960s penguin book covers, Otto Treumann, Malcolm Grear, Donald Brun, Pino Tovaglia, Dick Bruna covers, Alan Fletcher, valentine portable typewriter, ibm golfball typewrite, tschichold , sabon 1964, fluxus, functionalism, stanley mouse, victor moscoso, chet helms, Rick Griffin, fonts ortem, cruz swinger, windsor, windsor elongated, peace open, peace solid, peace outline, love stoned, love open etc.

video content

The Beatles Yellow Submarine

Secret of Marimekko 4.42

Tibor Reich Midlands

The magical world of Kasthall

British made – Robin Day Chair 10 min

Haight Ashbury Museum 7 Min


British Movietone 1.44

1960s Easy Living (lounge edit)

surreal photographs of radical 1960s furniture

kusama yayoi 5.58

Victor Moscoso, Robert Crumb, Spain Rodriguez – Zap Comics


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