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Charles Francis Annesley Voysey   (1857–1941)

an English architect, furniture and textile designer.

C.F.A. Voysey was very much part of the English Arts and Crafts  movement  which took place between 1880-1915,  adopting the principals of simplicity, honesty to materials, and use of nature as prime source of material.   During his career Voysey embraced the more ornate decorative styles associated with the Art Nouveau movement  popular at the time  (1880 – 1910). This distinctive style was clearly  the inspiration for his work in textiles, printed and woven fabrics, carpets, embroidery,  and wallpaper design.

 Textile and Wallpaper Designs

Voysey proved to have a wonderful talent for making pattern led him to do significant work  designing  wallpapers, furnishings and fabrics.   The  examples of Voysey’s wallpapers and textiles show his  inspiration  in nature and share features with the Art Nouveau style using organic, flowing curves that reflect the natural world.    Topics for his designs always included stylised flowers and foliage, birds, plants and fruit.     While using flat /soft colours in  carnation pinks, greens and lilacs, his designs retain a graphic quality  with bold outlines showing both a simplicity and sophistication that made him so popular.

Other Voysey designs shown here in the lion and tulip wallpaper,  display the strong Egyptian influences that were the inspiration for the Art Nouveau movement.   Popular at the time, the Egyptian themes lend a strong sense of the exotic and mysterious.

1: Yellow Roses “Briar” wallpaper 1901 Victoria and Albert Museum. Block-printed paper. England, 1901.

2: Passion Flower Textile, by C.F.A. Voysey © Victoria and Albert Museum / V Prints his This passion flower design on a striking red background is a pattern for a textile.

3:Lions and Tulips – Design for textiles or wallpaper with lions, palms, grasses and large orange flowers on a white ground. Small area in top left corner with dark blue ground with – 1918 -Watercolor and pencil on paper

4:  Design for wallpaper featuring blackbirds among stylized leaves,  1906-7, watercolour on paper.

5:  Design for ‘The Owl’ wallpaper and textile pattern, depicting pairs of owls perched over nests of chicks, amongst large foliage and white berries. Design in shades of green, grey and blue; Pencil and watercolor, on paper.

Architecture & Interior Design

Voysey was  a renowned  architect of the period best remembered for his grand country houses.   Like many of his contempories, Voysey assumed total control of his projects designing the furniture, decorations, rugs, wallpapers and textiles . He employed his unique decorative style on a variety of furniture peices.

Voysey Wardrobe decorated in Carnation Pinks and Red of the Art Nouveau Style

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