Marianne Brant



Marianne Brandt was the first woman accepted into the metal workshop at the Hochschule für Bildende Kunst Weimar, now the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. In 1929 she designed the first lighting fixtures for the Bauhaus building, and whilst working in the metal workshop she designed the MT49 tea infuser.

     Which was constructed using geometric shapes such as a cylinder and semi circles using materials of silver-plated brass and ebony wood, the object is designed to be aesthetically pleasing as well as to have beneficial functions which are the push on lid placed off center, away from the spout so it would not drip as you pour (which you would usually get with a regular metal tea pot with a hinged lid). The spout also designed for an easy pour and no drip when pouring and the ebony knob and handle are heat resistant.


     “The purpose of this small teapot is to keep a single cup of tea infusion, to be thinned down with hot water” (Die Schaulade, July 1926, p. 222).

As well as this tea pot Marianne Brant design a lot of other industrial house hold products such as the ash tray, hot water jug, Kandem bed side table lamp and ceiling lamp plus more. Just like the MT49 all of these products are modernized made from metal and glass which are the reason for her reputation and have kept traditionally to the Bauhaus style.

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During her time at the Bauhaus, Marianne Brant became the director of the metal workshop in May 1928 – 1st of June 1929 and in September of 1929 she received her dimploma no.2 in metal workshop. She soon left the Bauhaus at the end of 1929, and moved on to greater things with other designers like herself.





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